E-Textiles Wearable Technology :
Materials, Applications, and Standardization

December 12, 2023
IIT Delhi, New Delhi-110016


E-textiles, also known as smart textiles or interactive textiles, are revolutionizing the way we interact with technology. By seamlessly integrating electronic components into textiles, e-textiles offer a plethora of applications in healthcare, fashion, sports, and beyond. This workshop delves into the intricate world of e-textiles, exploring the diverse materials employed, the groundbreaking applications they empower, and the crucial role of standardization in their widespread adoption.

Why to attend?
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of E-Textiles
  • Discover the diverse applications of E-Textiles
  • Learn about the importance of standardization
  • Network with experts in the field

Who Should Attend?
Researchers, engineers, designers, and entrepreneurs interested in learning about the latest advancements in wearable technology.

About the Workshop Instructor
The workshop will be led by a team of experts from IIT Delhi, BIS, and other leading research institutions. These experts will provide in-depth insights into the different aspects of e-textiles, including materials, applications, and standardization. They will share their latest research findings and provide hands-on demonstrations to help participants gain a comprehensive understanding of this exciting technology.

Workshops Topics
  • E-Textiles: The Foundation of Wearable Innovation
  • E-Textiles: Unveiling the Building Blocks of Wearable Innovation
  • E-Textiles: Live Demonstrations and Real-World Case Studies
  • Standardization in E-Textiles: Paving the Way for Mass Adoption
  • E-Textiles: Expanding Horizons from Healthcare to Beyond
  • E-Textiles: Navigating Global Trends and Unveiling Market Opportunities
Airlaid Nonwovens for Technical Applications

December 12, 2023
IIT Delhi, New Delhi-110016


The term "Nonwovens" is describing a broad field of technologies and applications. To obtain success in long term, various factors need to be considered prior to a decision for an investment. Topics of the workshop are to give an overview from process basics to latest developments and to inform about applications and which technological steps are required to fulfil market requirements, with a special focus on the Indian market. Instructors will guide participants on their way, starting at the point where a general decision about applicability of a nonwoven is to be made; introducing the technological principles of spunlaid and meltblown, various methods of fiber consolidation and ending with a good sense for what the most promising path is. The workshop will contain interactive elements, helping the participants to enhance their abilities to select the right technologies for their particular needs.

Why Attend?
  • Course will be taught by speakers with industrial experience
  • Gain technical knowledge on nonwovens – market requirements, applications & selection of appropriate technology

Who Should Attend?
The workshop is beneficial to those involved in investment decision in nonwoven fabric technologies, technical and quality control engineers and managers as well as research and development personnel.

Workshops Topics
  • What is "nonwoven" / short history of nonwoven
  • Process basics spunlaid and meltblown
  • Applications for technical, hygiene, medical and filtration requirements
  • Latest developments with focus on Bicomponent and High Loft
  • Market requirements / market analysis
  • Technologies / Finding the right line configuration