7-8 January 2005, New Delhi

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-- Friday, 7 January 2005

8:30-9:30 Registration
9:30-10.00 Inauguration
10.00-10:30 Welcome Tea
10:30-11:00 Engineering with fibers (Industry): Implications for education, Subhash K. Batra, Tushar K. Ghosh North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC, USA
11:00-11:30 Poly(Ethylene Terephthalate) fibers prepared in melt spinning process with CO2 laser irradiation heating, T Kikutani, Masato Masuda, Yoshitsugu Funatsu, Kunihiko Kazama and Hiroshi Ito,
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
11:30-12:00 Latest developments in spinning technology, Dr.Ing Klaus Schafer, Barmag, Saurer Group
12:00-12:30 Aromatic hyper-branched polymers: control of degree of branching, Masa-Aki Kakimoto,Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
12:30-1:00 Current and emerging developments in fibres, B C Goswami, Clemson University, USA
1:00-1:30 Production of PET fibres, films and bottles, V B Gupta and Z. Bashir,Ex. Professor,IIT Delhi
1:30-2:15 LUNCH
2:15-4:10 TECHNICAL SESSION II       
2:15-2:35 Design and characterization of novel medical devices for venous leg ulcer treatment, S C Anand and S Rajendran, Bolton Institute, UK
2:35-2:50 Poly(ethyleneglycol terephthalate)-derived scaffold for tissue engineering, S Ghosh, Basel, Switzerland
2:50-3:10 Electronic textiles today and Potential for the Future,Tushar K. Ghosh, Anuj Dhawan and John Muth, N.C. State University, USA
3:10-3:25 Smart textile materials based on random copolymers of substituted acrylamides, Ashwini Agrawal, Manjeet Jassal, Ninad S Save, Arnav K Ghosh, K R T Ramasubramani, Anusuya Sahoo and Amrish Vishnoi, IIT Delhi
3:25-3:40 Stimuli responsive fibres from Acrylic fibre: Effects of modification conditions on transition properties, Manjeet Jassal, Ashwini Agrawal, Arnav K Ghosh, and K R T Ramasubramani, Anasuya Sahoo. IIT Delhi.
3:40-3:55 Smart vest-wearable physiological monitoring system, G P Agrawal,
P S Pandiyan, K Mohanavelu, K P Safeer and T M Kotresh, Defence Bio-engineering and Electro Medical Laboratory (DEBEL), Bangalore
3:55-4:10 Characterization of smart fabrics: Applications to gas & humidity sensor, V A Bambole & Y A Kamble, MUICT,Mumbai
4:10-4:30 TEA
4:30- 5:50 TECHNICAL SESSION III            
4:30-4:50 Polymer/ carbon nano tube composites: Challenges and Opportunities, T V Sreekumar & Satish Kumar, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
4:50-5:05 Order and Morphology in Atactic Polyacrylonitrile, Z.Bashir,Thiruvanthapuram, Kerala
5:05-5:20 Bio-degradation of modified soy protein isolate resins in a compost environment, Preeti Lodha and Anil N Netravali, Adtiya Birla Management, Mumbai
5:20-5:35 A study on morphology and tensile properties of polyacrylonitrile and cellulose acetate blend fibers, S H Bahrami and H Barani, Amirkabir Unversity, Iran
5:35-5:50 Why PTT is different from PET? S Mehta, Invista, USA
 Poster Presentations

-- Saturday, 8 January 2005

9:00-9:20 Multidirectional fibre architecture for high temperature composites, K H Sinnur, G.Ramaguru, R K Jain, J S Chaudhary and Rohini Devi , Advanced Systems Laboratory, DRDO, Hyderabad
9:20-9:35 Structure and properties of commingled hybrid yarns for thermoplastic composites, R Alagirusamy and V Ogale, IIT Delhi
9:35- 9:50 Internal Damping Studies of Hybrid Laminated Nanocomposite Beam in Flexure, K Karthikeyan and R Velumrugan, IIT Madras
9:50-10:05 Structure - property correlation of epoxy/clay nanocomposites , T P Mohan and R Velumrugan, IIT Madras
10:05-10:20  TEA
10:20-1:30 TECHNICAL SESSION VI      
10:20-10:40 Appraisal of lightweight nonwovens for use as geotextiles in sand reinforcement, Royston Dawber, P R Rankilor and R S Karri, Practisolve International Ltd. UK
10:40-11:00 Structure-property relationships in Textile Finishing through functionalised polymers, Rabin Santra, Madhusudan Bhagwat and Anjan Ray, Jubilant Organosys Ltd, Noida
11:00-11:15 Application of textile material as sound absorbent, M D Teli, Y N Rane and A. Pal, MUICT, Mumbai
11:15- 11:30 Low Salt Dyeing of Modified Viscose Rayon Fibres with Reactive Dyes, Nilanjana Bairagi ,M L Gulrajani, B L Deopura, IIT Delhi
11:30-11:45 Cleaner technologies for dyeing of cotton, R B Chavan, IIT Delhi
11:45-12:00 Microencapsulation: Efficacy and Its Scope In Textile Applications, Kushal Sen , Manjeet Jassal , K A Thomas and Anu Mishra, IIT Delhi
12:00-12:15 Neem treated bioactive cotton textiles, M Joshi, R Purwar and P Mishra, IIT Delhi
12:15-12:30 Bio finishing of inner wear knitted garments, A.Selva Subha, G.Anita Hebsiba, S.Thambidurai and T.Vasudev, Alagappa University, Tamilnadu
1:15-2:00 LUNCH
2:00-3:30  TECHNICAL SESSION VII        
2:00-2:15 Characterization of Flax Fibers Bundling Tendency , Jirí Militký, Dana Kremenáková and Viktor Antonov, Technical University of Liberec, Liberec, Czech Republic
2:15-2:30 Compaction of rotor yarn, K Ramachandralu, PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore
2:30-2:45 Objective measurement of fabric appearance using digital image processing, B K Behera, R Mishra and L Agrawal, IIT Delhi
2:45-3:00 Evaluation of primary hand values for readymade garments with simple instruments, M J Doshi and P V Kadole, Textile and Engineering Institute, Ichalkaranji
3:00-3:15 Evaluation of fabric thickness using inductance principle, S S Saha, Asim Mandal, Tapas Patra, Arindam Saha, Nirupam Sinha and A Majumdar, College of Textile Technology, Berhampore
3:15-3:30 Grading of cotton fibres using the AHP & TOPSIS methods of multi criteria decision making, Abhijit Majumdar, B Sarkar and P K Majumdar, College of Textile Technology, Berhampore
3:30- 3:45 TEA
3:45 - 4-35  TECHNICAL SESSION VIII      
3:45-3:55 Eco-friendly Pretreatment Process on Ramie Fiber, S D Bhattacharya and S R Shah, M S University, Baroda
3:55-4:05 Application of High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) & Liquid Chromatography - Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS) in the analysis of allergic disperse dyes in polyester textile products, Ranjan Kumar, Ramesh Kumar and D K Patel, Industrial Toxicology Research Center, Lucknow
4:05-4:15 Presentation of new method for purification of industrial waste water from ionic compounds, M Zargaran, A M Shoushtari and M Abdouss, Amirkabir University, Iran
4:15-4:25 Preparation and application of functional polymers as eco-friendly textile auxiliaries, A I Wasif, S K Laga, Textile and Engineering Institute, Ichalkaranji
4:25-4:35 Treatment of cotton/polyester fabric in hot alkali media and reducing agent, M Montazer and A Sedighi, Amirkabir University , Tehran, Iran