Innovations proliferate at every phase of the textile supply chain, from polymer production to final finished fabrics. The main drivers of change and innovation in textiles are: consumer demands for comfort and performance, advanced technologies influencing product and process innovations, ecological concerns and compliance with eco-regulations, safety, health and aesthetics.

In the development of fibres, yarns and fabrics, functional aspects such as anti-bacterial, anti-static, UV protective, thermal, or biodegradable functions are playing an increasingly important role. Smart polymeric materials have been used as tools to solve problems such as separation, drug delivery and sensing. Development of smart polymeric fibres is poised for take off and will certainly promise an exciting future. Electro conductive fibres have been incorporated in garments to protect the wearer from potentially harmful radiations. Nanotechnology is being utilized to impart permanent properties to fabrics and design of nanoscale materials engineering, will have an increasingly important impact on a number of sectors, including biotechnology, electronics, energy, and industrial products. Smart "e-type" textiles incorporate microelectronic components to detect faint sounds and pinpoint them on the battlefield. The new generation of textiles may be so high-tech and smart that they take you into outer space, allow you to communicate and even save your life.

The Conference will provide an opportunity to national and international experts from academic, research institutions and industry to discuss the emerging trends in polymers and textiles. Scientists and participants will share their leading edge research in the emerging fields. The poster session will give opportunity to young scientists to interact with leading scientists and industry leaders.

The conference is dedicated to Prof. Pushpa Bajaj who was a committed teacher and a renowned scientist in the area of fiber science and technology.

Major areas in which research are invited:

- Bio-degradable Polymers
- Functional Polymers and Finishes
- Smart Polymers and Textiles
- Eco Fibres
- High Performance Fibres
- Nanotechnology
- Innovative Yarn Production Technologies
- New Fabric Production Techniques
- Eco-friendly Textile Production
- Microencapsulation
- Technical Textiles
- Comfort Fabric
- Quality Management


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