NOVEMBER 11-12,2006


Indian Institute of Technology Delhi is one of the seven Institutes of Technology created as centres of excellence for higher training, research and development in science, engineering and technology in India, the others being at Kanpur, Kharagpur, Chennai, Mumbai, Guwahati and Roorkee.

The Textile Technology Department enjoys a special status in the country and has the distinction of being the only Textile Technology Department among the seven IITs. The Department aims to achieve excellence in education in Textile Technology through continuous upgradation of textile syllabi, conducting fundamental research in established and emerging technologies as well as applied/developmental research by closely interacting with the industry and thus provides highly competent technical manpower for the industry, R&D organisations and academic institutes.

The Department offers broad-based undergraduate and post-graduate programmes with various specializations in order to prepare the students for the career of their choice. Today, there are about 160 students studying for their B.Tech degree, about 70 students pursuing the M.Tech programmes and 25 research students registered for doctoral degree. As the result of careful planning and decades of development, the Department has risen to a position of international eminence. It has been actively interacting with the industry for well over a decade. Today the Department has achieved a preeminent status not only in teaching but also in sponsored research and industrial consultancy.

Over the period of time, considerable work has been carried by the faculty of the department in the field of nonwovens which resulted in several important publications in the international journals and technical reports. The department has been interacting with the industry closely on most of the technological developments.