Scientific Programme

  • Topics

  •       Advanced Fibers and Polymers
  •       Protective Textiles
  •       Geotextiles & Geo-membranes
  •       Agro Textiles
  •       Medical Textiles
  •       Smart Textiles
  •       Electro Textiles
  •       Textile Reinforced Composites
  •       Military/Defence Textiles
  •       Textiles in Filtration
  •       Industrial Textiles
  •       Textiles in Buildings & Constructions
  •       High Performance Textiles
  •       Raw Materials/Sustainability
  •       Sport Textiles
  •       3D and Spacer Textiles
  •       Coating and Lamination
  •       Value added Textiles through Chemical Processing
  •       Other areas relevant to Technical Textiles
  • Call for Abstracts

Abstracts are invited in the form of oral and poster presentations. All those desirous of participating and/or presenting in the conference are requested to complete the online abstract submission. Authors are requested to send abstract in the prescribed format as per template. Best posters will be awarded by the conference.

Abstracts for Oral and Poster presentations should be in Arial Narrow with in A4 format. The title should be in bold with font size of 14 followed by authors name(s) in the next line, and affiliation in the subsequent line(s) as central alignment. This should follow the Email ID of the presenting author. The presenting author should be underlined. The text should follow as single space with font size of 10. References should be placed at the bottom. References should not be cited in the text. The format may be obtained from template.
  • Poster Session

The poster session is proposed to highlight the activities in various areas of Textiles and Nonwovens. Best poster awards will be presented to students participating in the poster session. The poster display space of 3 ft (w) x 4 ft (h) will be available for the presenters. A committee comprising of eminent scientists will make its decision on the best posters.

Download Abstract Template (pdf)   

Online Abstract Submission   
(Only .doc or .docx files)